BlogWhat's new for Forge Motorsport this year?

What's new for Forge Motorsport this year?

Our development team have been hard at work and we have had the opportunity to release multiple staple products here at Forge HQ. We wanted to signpost some of our latest and greatest for for the first 6 months of 2023! 

Hyundai i20N

We are very proud of the success we have had with the Hyundai platform, after a fantastic selection of products released for the i30N, we were keen to explore what we could do for the i20N. This hot hatch has been hugely popular, and the demand for aftermarket products has been outstanding! As part of our very own fleet of vehicles, it made it much easier for us to develop products much faster and get them to market. This year so far, we have released FMINT28, the LARGEST intercooler on the market, as well as FMTIA11, our turbo inlet adapter, to coincide with FMINDK45, the induction kit, which was released late last year. We have also been able to develop FMCT10, the catch can, and FMSS7, our adjustable short shifter. 

With high demand, this has allowed us to develop further products. We have FMBH7, the silicone diverter valve hose, which we are not far from releasing... keep your eyes peeled! While other products are in-line to be developed, we are eagerly awaiting for software to become available to tune the i20N's ECU, which will enable us to design better suited products going forwards. 

Hyundai Kona N

Keeping it short and sweet for the Kona this year, as the majority of the Hyundai i30N products were designed to be compatible with the Kona platform. We tied our selection of products together with FMINT29, the Forge intercooler. Working flawlessly with FMBP7, the cold side boost pipe is designed to work with the Kona N, Hyundai i30N MK3.5 Facelift, and Veloster N Facelift intercooler selection, also released late last year. 

Peugeot 308 GTI

Providing a smaller yet still effective selection of performance parts, the Peugeot 308 GTI was another vehicle we were able to release a couple of products for over the last 6 months. This included FMSS6, the adjustable short shifter, and FMTUBL14, the turbo blanket, to tie together with FMINT30, the intercooler also released last year. 

Audi RS3 8Y

The newest debut is our FMINT33 intercooler and FMKT033 boost hoses that we released last month for the Audi RS3 8Y platform! These products are the beginning of a potential range of products we are looking to create, including FMINDK47, our intake in the making. This particular product is one that we are developing to be both backwards compatible with the Audi RS3 8V, and with left hand vehicles for our American, African, Asian, and European market. We have an exciting behind-the-scenes project that shows the development of this intake which we are looking to release on our YouTube channel closer to the time. 

EA888 Engine

Present in the Audi S3, Cupra Formentor, Cupra Leon, Volkswagen Golf MK7 R, MK7.5 R, and MK8 R, it was essential that we could create products that would fit both the engine universally, and within the space available for each vehicle. This requires a much longer development process and constant testing to make sure we can provide the best product possible for market. This year we were excited to release FMINT24, the intercooler for the EA888 engine, 2.0 TSI. This intercooler will soon supersede our FMMK7FMIC intercooler which has been hugely successful since it's launch back in 2014. Fortunately, our talented team have made sure this intercooler is backwards compatible with the MK7 platform, and we are looking forward to being able to put this to market this year with the MK7 boost hoses, this new kit will be known as FMINT32. 

Going forwards, we have FMDP1, the discharge pipe for the MK8R, which we are currently working with Forge Motorsport USA for to do the test fitment on a LHD vehicle, so we can ensure the design is perfect. Watch this space! 


It's all about the Abarth's at HQ, and we have big love for all our supporting customers that have decked out their vehicles with the full Forge treatment. We were pleased to release FMTUBL16 this year, the turbo blanket specifically for the IHI turbo, which we found huge demand for in the market. The sleek and sexy carbon fibre engine cover FMEC4 also caught the attention of our customer base. We found people having to customise their engine cover to fit next to the Forge induction kit, and we decided it was time to come up with a resolution. With a quick turnaround, the engine cover looked appealing with the matching carbon weave to the induction kit, and tied the look of the engine bay together. Finally, our last product (for now) was the adjustable short shifter FMSS8, another fantastic product, made in-house at our machine shop here at HQ. 

One of our key objectives this year was to focus on smaller club meets, and this year we are hosting a special factory tour for the B.A.D Abarth South Coast group! It's a way for us to give back to the people that support us, and if you are interesting in hosting something similar, be sure to get in contact



Turbo Blankets

It has been a turbo blanket year for us, and on top of the two already mentioned, we also released three more turbo blanket solutions. Firstly, FMTUBL15, for the Renault Megane MK3 RS, FMTUBL12, for the T25/T28 turbo, and FMTUBL13, the T3 turbo blanket. 

Yes, we do have more to come... FMTUBL17 is our turbo blanket for the Suzuki Swift Sport, and FMTUBL18 will be for the Alfa Romeo Guilia Veloce, but keep your eyes peeled for when these come out later on this year! 

Just 6 months in and we are so proud of our team of engineers for being able to provide performance solutions to such a variety of vehicles.

Keeping up with the pace of this year, we have plenty more releases to come, and we are in the midst of deciding what vehicles we should focus on next... any ideas? Submit your vehicle and product propositions to our development team using this form

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