Our Quality Manufactured Silicone Hoses Range

Our complete stock of high specification Silicone Hoses are manufactured using the highest quality European Silicone and Fabric, reinforced to ensure that not only do they withstand greater temperatures and pressure when compared to the original Hoses, but they also look amazing in a choice of different colours. All supplied within our coolant hoses range are manufactured with a protective inner lining, as standard, to ensure the compatibility with modern coolants. Some of the first vehicle coolants or antifreezes contained methanol, which is still found in windshield washer fluid. As these mixtures require constant replenishment due to the evaporative properties, and can increase the corrosion of aluminium, which at this time is becoming more widely used, a new coolant was developed.

This was Ethylene Glycol mixtures, though less corrosive, it still required regular attention to maintain it's antifreeze properties. More recently OAT or Organic Acid Technology coolants have been developed and used. These are normally orange in colour to differentiate them from the glycol-based coolants, which are green or yellow. OAT coolants have an extended service life of around five years use. Whilst standard silicone hoses have a high resistance to the Ethylene Glycol coolants, they can quickly deteriorate, if not protected, when OAT coolants are used. It is for this reason that our unbeatable range of Silicone Hoses for Cars include an internal lining of Fluorosilicone to protect and ensure the longevity of the product.

For those who the aesthetic value is the priority, we maintain a colour checking process to ensure all of our hoses match consistently throughout all of our quality products. 

Please take a look at our available range of Silicone Hoses, including Alloy Bends, Hose Clamps, Hose Joiners, and Silicone Hose Kits.