Induction/Intake Kits


Our intakes/induction kits are a great and effective upgrade to your vehicle. Many of our intakes come with a carbon fibre housing. To ensure we deliver the best quality products we can, and following the extensive design and development of our intake range, we enlist the services of one the world’s leading carbon fibre manufacturers, who’s products range from F1 aero, carbon fibre car bodies, and aircraft wings!

When it comes to the filtration part of the intakes, there is no point creating such an efficient system for it then to be restricted by the OEM hose and filter. Therefore, for the filters, we engage one of our partners and experts in filtration control, Pipercross or RamAir

Additional parts such as aluminium piping are hand fabricated and polished, and the hoses are fluorosilicone for maximum longevity.

Our intakes maximise the density charge of cold air for increased performance, as well as give a great sound, and enhance the aesthetics of your engine bay!

All kits come with everything needed to complete the job, and instructions for ease of installation.

Read more about the benefits of an induction kit below.

 Benefits of an Induction Kit


  • Increases air flow and improves efficiency and performance
  • Up to 15 BHP gain
  • Strong, tight carbon fibre weave
  • Easy installation
  • Flurosilicone lined hoses
  • High flow cleanable airfilter with no need to ever replace
  • Includes our Forge Motorsport limited lifetime warranty

Please take a look at our available range of induction kits below, for further information.