Chassis Parts

We offer a small collection of chassis parts which will not only improve the aesthetics of your engine bay they will also help to reduce chassis flex, which in turn, will aid to improve your vehicles handling.

We also offer strut top covers that will improve the appearance of the strut tops but will also eliminate any water ingress from the top which is a common problem on the many vehicles, this issue can cause corrosion which can further develop to strut failure and other problems along the strut tops.

Our transmission mount bush has been carefully designed to reduce the range of movement in the standard transmission mounting bush, by adding this bush to the natural recesses in the OEM bush.

Our subframe braces are made from solid 10mm thick stainless steel bar so it will never ever rust. Fitting is very easy, not even requiring the undertray to be removed. It instantly secures both sides of the subframe to prevent them flexing inwards during hard cornering, and better maintains the wheel alignment.

Please take a look at our available range of chassis below, for further information.