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Ramp up your RS3

It's all about the RS3 at Forge HQ with the development of our Carbon Fibre Induction Kit for the 8V & 8Y model. Our marketing team has been following Forge Luke and Forge Tom as they guide us through the development process, documenting it all for our mini-series that explores how we created one of our best products yet. 

Episode 3 is due to be released 15th November, so keep your eyes peeled! 

This gives us the opportunity to have a look at our wide product range we have already established for the RS3 8V & 8Y platform, and why you should invest.


We offer a variety of performance parts that are designed to increase the power output of your vehicle, giving you an exhilarating driving experience. 

We offer performance intercoolers that help to lower the intake air temperature, ensuring a denser and colder charge for better performance. Our 8V intercooler known as FMINT4, provides 55% more surface area over the stock intercooler, and an even more impressive 94% more volume. This product provides an impressive 24+ BHP with no other modifications on the vehicle. Our recent release FMINT33 provides a similar output, with a reinforced steel crash bar, 153% more volume over the stock intercooler, and gains of +17BHP, with potential for even more on mapped vehicles. 

Our intercooler solutions are so good that our top UK distributor Awesome GTI had to have one on their fleet Audi RS3 8Y. We went up to film the fitment, and the comparison to the OE intercooler is incredible. 

A key factor when upgrading your intercooler is also swapping out your OEM plastic boost hoses and replacing with silicone aftermarket solutions. We offer both 8V hoses with FMKT024 and 8Y hoses with FMKT033

Inlet Pipe Upgrades

An essential addition to your RS3 8V's and 8Y's is the Turbo Inlet Pipe. This bolt on accessory eliminates the highly restrictive OEM aluminium inlet pipe, and replaces it with our smooth bore multi-ply silicone hose. This staple product gives you 60% more volume, and when paired with our Inlet Hard Pipe, can add increases of up to 20BHP

Catch Can

For the 8S and 8V model, adding our catch can FMCT3 allows the engine to both breathe and perform more efficiently. It reduces the sludge and carbon build up, so if you are using your vehicle regularly, or even using it for track use, then this is an essential investment. 

Why choose us?

Firstly, our products are made in-house. We take pride in developing, manufacturing, testing, and distributing our product range all from our HQ in Gloucester. By purchasing with us you're investing in our business. So to thank you for this, we ensure an all-star customer service team, lifetime warranty*, refer a friend and loyalty discount schemes, and enrolment into our RPDD club. Ultimately you're not just achieving a better quality driving experience, but you are ensuring that you are getting the most out of your purchase. 

So, if you want to unlock the true potential of your Audi RS3 8V or 8Y, look no further than Forge Motorsport. Explore our complete range of products and experience the difference they can make to your vehicle's performance. Why not use our secret discount code 'RS3LOVE' at the checkout for 10% off! 


*lifetime warranty

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