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The Splitter, a Recirculation and Blow Off Valve

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Product Description

We recommend servicing your valve every 3 years, or 20,000 miles, whichever comes sooner

The Splitter is a truly remarkable valve that gives a combination of blow off and recirculation valve operation, all at the same time, and has been specifically designed for the many turbo engined applications that operate metered airflow management systems. This means you get all the noise of the blow off valve whilst retaining the compatibility with the recirculation requirements of the engine management system. As a bonus we also offer the ability to convert the valve to recirculation only mode for those times when stealth running is required.

This valve uses a Brass piston which utilises new sealing technology along with a variable spring preload, incorporating a ratchet type top adjuster that will allow for the positive and precise adjustment to match the valve to your engine. This is achieved by using a unique single, conical, progressive rate spring, that can allow for the retention of boost pressure over a wide adjustment range. This unique spring design also allows for unrestricted piston travel and flow volume regardless of the amount of pre-load adjustment added to the spring.

Other manufacturers' valves use cylindrical springs with adjustable pre-load, which often experience restricted piston travel and a reduction in flow volume. When we say our products are Engineered For Performance, it's not a catchy sales phrase, it's the truth. and we prove it with every product we manufacture.

Note: This valve requires installing the opposite way to the original Bosch Valve. This means that the side pipe is fitted into the Turbo Intake Hose, and the base pipe connects to the hose that runs to the boost side of the turbo.


In The Box:
1 x Valve Blanking Cap
1 x Instruction Booklet
1 x Forge Sticker

If you are unsure if this product is suitable for your application, please contact us. 

The valve has a port size of 25mm





To service this valve, access the valve piston by removing the 3 cap screws at the base of the valve and simply clean the piston chamber using brake cleaner or similar cleaning fluid before installing the new spring and piston. Please observe the correct spring and piston orientation when installing the serviceable parts, as seen in the attached drawing.


Adjustment guide.

First turn the valve adjustment knob all the way down in the anti-clockwise direction, which will adjust the spring it to its lowest tension. Then turn the valve adjustment knob in the clockwise direction to the appropriate tension level, as set out below.

  • Standard engine – 16 clicks.
  • Stage 1 remap – 21 clicks.
  • Stage 2 remap – 25 clicks.

These adjustment recommendations are a general guide and you may find that your engine requires fine tuning by 1 or 2 clicks in either direction to achieve optimum performance.

There will be no significant performance benefit adjusting the valve over 30 clicks as the spring will have reached its maximum operating tension.


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Product Reviews

Product Reviews

from on Sep 9th 2019 Verified Purchase
Audi TT mk1 8n 225 BAM
Easy fit, first time it's hard to unscrew and turn the parts.
I had to change the hose that goes on top because the oem one was short by an inch.
from on May 12th 2017
(Audi TT 225) Nice and easy to fit, Make sure you have some basic tools e.g. screwdriver and jubilee clips and you should be fine... Clear instructions and overall a great product, best on the market.
from on Jun 11th 2016
Easy to fit, make sure you have some Jubilee clips on hand. Makes my Seat Leon 1.8t sound amazing!!!!

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I have an Audi b7 1.8t standard 163bhp are any of the blow off recirculating valves able to fit ?

hello , the best recirculating valve for the vehicle in question is the forge motorsport 008.

will this fit a 2003 (mk1) audi tt quattro 180bhp?


Yes this product is compatible with your vehicle. 

Will it work correctly on a saab 9-5 2.3t

Unfortunately not.

Will this fit an Audi a4 1.8t b6 Quattro and give off the blow off noise? Many thanks

Hello , yes this will fit , and give a BOV noise 

How many clicks will I need for 1.3bar and 301hp. How do I know I know when I’m on the right setting?

Hello , please see the instructions on our website listing, it is not really the power output that effects it but your boost levels 

I am running a a4 1.8t upgrade turbo and a lot other. Running 1.3 bar and 301hp/460nm. Is that too much for this? Because I really want and blow off?

Hello , the power is fine for this valve , the tension can be tightened by turning the top of the valve clockwise upon installation, 

Is it suitable for 1.8 Octavia mk2 ?

No, the FMDVSPLTR is for the earlier MK1 8L engines; otherwise, the dump valve range we do offer for your model is the FMDV14T (blow off spacer), FMFSITAT complete replacement blow off valve, and the FMFSITVR complete replacement recirculation/diverter valve (the FMFSITVR is not a blow off type valve - no blow off noise quality).

Please note, unlike the FMDVSPLTR, the valves quoted for your model do not have the 50/50 split recirculation/blow off valve function; all the quoted valves for your model have either one or other function, the FMDV14T the cheapest option, being a blow off spacer that couples up to the stock recirculation valve (please note the FMDV14T is not as loud as the FMFSITAT).

Hi, would this suit my application please ? The build is a duratec 2.0L turboed with a Garrett GT2860RS running 1bar boost pressure. Possibly slightly more when I'll add electronic boos control to the mix but it won't go over 1.2bar. Piping used is 25mm that's fine. It's running around 300 BHP at the moment but should hold up to 350BHP to be future proof. Should I go for this one or the FMDV008 ? And why ? Kind Regards

We recommend fitting the FMDV008, not the FMDVSPLTR; the reason being the FMDV008 is a valve we know will work, the FMDVSPLTR is less diverse outside the models we advertise it for.

Hello i am looking at the The Splitter, a Recirculation and Blow Off Valve and wondering what pressure it operates between as i can’t see any figures. cheers

do you have any details on the pressure required or your intended application 

Hiya, I'm looking to Stage 2 my 2004 MK1 Audi TT 225 coupe and want an appropriate recirculation valve. I notice in your description that this valve is suitable for a standard engine,a Stage 1 and a Stage 2. But you contradict yourself in reply to a question someone asked you below,the first one on the list of questions, dated 2 months 2 weeks ago. So what is it ? Is it Stage 2 suitable ? If not could you please recommend what valve of your's is ? Lastly,this being a Recirculation and Blow Off Valve,is it suitable for the 225's BAM engine as originally it came with a standard recirculation valve ? Common belief in the TT community was you couldn't put a blow-off valve onto the BAM engine as it would lead to causing all sorts of problems. I will be purchasing one of your valve products, I just want one that will not lead to problems or potentially damage my engine. It is listed in your vehicle compatibility list as suitable and you have fitted them yourselves to mk 1 TT's. I just want a definitive answer as I will be spending thousands on my car,a lot with yourselves Including a full house set gear knob and intake compression compensation valve and upgraded intercooler and just want everything to run like clockwork. Like I said it will be a Stage 2 remap I will be going for producing an estimated 265BHP and 395Nm of torque. Your insight and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Iain

Hello , this should be fine for 265hp 

Hello,having read up on this I am caught in two minds and was wondering if you could help me? I want one of the two recirculation valves you make. I know the standard one on my 2004 mk1 Audi TT 225 coupe is made of plastic and is prone to leaks and is a standard recirculation valve. Do I just go for your standard recirculation valve as recommended on many TT forums or risk the dual one with the splitter so you get the whoosh sound (which I have to admit I like) as it dumps. The worry I have is on older posts (circa 2009) on Audi TT forums 99% of people warned against using a blow off diverter as the bam engine wasn't designed to suit this type of system,in fact it could lead to a whole host of problems. Now I know that was nearly 15 years ago and advancements have been made in that time but I just wanted to double-check what one you,as a company, would recommend ? I know you are at the forefront of design technology and I'm sure you wouldn't supply a part that could potentially over time damage my engine. I will be spending several thousand pounds on this car and I just want to be sure I pick the right one. Erring on the side of caution my brain says just go with the standard recirculation valve BUT my heart says risk it and go with the splitter one because I love the dump sound they make. Please could you give your honest opinion as to what one would be best ? I will be buying more of your products,all the silicon hoses, could you maybe attach all the relevant hoses in red and matching clamps, I know one of the turbo hoses I think it is, is only available in black 😣can this be sourced in red ? Also I will be buying your relevant intercooler upgrade in polished finish and a polished gear knob with red insert and that is for starters. Lastly if you do suggest the blow off one I notice it just comes in black,is it at all available in a polished finish as this is my colour scheme,red and chrome against the black plastic covers of the engine bay. It's no biggie if I can only get it in black, I would still buy it. Perhaps if you would be so kind when you answer my email could you affix a complete shopping list with prices showing a 10% discount I was offered earlier by Malika. I know your discount codes are use once only and I'm not quite at the stage to purchase right away, it's just to give me an idea. All your help is greatly appreciated. Kindest regards, Iain Lock

personally i would recommend our FM008 Dump valve for stage 2 

Hi, How much bhp is this rated for as im wanting to swap my ebay special bov for this as wanting faster throttle but also wanting about 400bhp. Would tis be suitable

Unfortunately not, the FMDVSPLTR is suitable for standard and stage 1 mapped engines only.

Hi, will this fit my 04 plate Clio 1.5 tdi

Im sorry the valve will not work on a diesel car 

Unfortunately, we don’t supply a blow off valve or dump valve for diesels they don't need them - dump valves/blow off valves are designed to vent the area between the turbo and the throttle. In a petrol engine, at high boost, when you snap the throttle closed the turbo is still spinning. This causes a build-up of pressure between the turbo and the throttle, and the air can send shockwaves back through the turbo compressor, potentially causing damage. A dump valve vents this pressure off. Diesels don't have a throttle, so this problem just doesn't exist.


At Forge we won’t manufacture a product that doesn’t perform or improve the performance of the vehicle I would recommend an air intake as that will give you some induction sound.

Will this fit my Seat Ibiza 6l 1.8t fr?


Yes this should be compatible with your vehicle.

Hi, I have Audi TT MK1 225HP Quattro, 2000 year. Will this fit to my stock Silicone Induction Hose?

Hi Artur,

thank you for your question, I can confirm it will :)

Will this BOV be suitable for my 2.0 L mk 2 audi TT TFSI

Hi Leo,

thank you for your question, im afraid that valve will not fit your vehicle. 

you will need this one: