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The Best Upgrades For Your VAG car

The Best Upgrades For Your VAG car

The Mk4 Golf was built upon one of VAG's most successful platforms of all time. This same chassis was sold around the world in a truly dizzying number of configurations and forms, and was ultimately utilised by all the group's subsidiaries. Many of these subsidiaries used this platform as a base for performance models, the most notable examples being the Skoda Octavia VRS (1U), Audi TT (8N), Audi A3/S3 (8L), SEAT Leon Cupra (1M) and, of course, the Mk4 VW Golf GTI (1J). All of these cars are still frequently tuned and fettled, and they're also very well catered for by the Forge Motorsport range. 

With the above in mind, please find the greatest Forge Motorsport tuning parts for this platform, perfect if you're planning on tuning your Golf, Leon, Octavia, A3 or TT. 

1) Front Mounted Intercooler Kit, Mk1 Skoda Octavia VRS

Odd as it might sound now that Skoda is an established player in the performance hatch market, the tail end of the last century saw the firm very much in the doldrums image-wise, hence why it opted to borrow the 1.8T 20V from VW, then stick it into the nose of the then new Octavia. The result was the VRS, a car that changed the public's perception of the brand at a stroke, and kick-started a run of VRS-badged models that continues to this day.

While perfectly adequate for OEM cars making standard power the Octavia's intercooler is all out of answers when it comes to further power tuning, and let's face it, why on earth would you opt to not tune an engine with as much potential as the 1.8T? Forge Motorsport has developed a Front Mounted Intercooler kit just for the Octavia, one that fits simply and promises to deliver an impressive reduction in inlet temperatures, in turn allowing the 20V to make more power while also making further tuning a far easier (and safer) proposition. It's supplied with everything required to for a simple installation, while its size – 300 x 500cm – means that it will look right at home peeking from behind the Octavia's bumper. 




2) Turbo Recirculation Valve With Adjustable Vacuum Port, All 1.8T models

In common with the vast majority of engines, the 20V is not without its weak points, namely the OE Bosch dump valve, a unit that's been known to fail. Forge Motorsport's replacement recirculation valve cures this problem once and for all, with the added bonus of being completely adjustable and coming with a 90 degree vacuum port. The latter point is significant, as it allows for the port to be rotated to one of 3 different orientations, in turn giving you multiple options when it comes to siting it within the engine bay.  It also boasts a faster response time due to a revised design, a greater flow rate, and can even be serviced with the associated kit, extending the product's life by a considerable amount. 



3) Oil Catch Tank Kit, Audi TT MK1, 225bhp

Forge Motorsport's reputation has been built on the quality of its alloy components, and there are few firms better placed when it comes to creating stunning, high quality billet tuning gear, this alloy oil catch tank being but one example. It's far more than merely decorative though, with its primary purpose being to help decrease the amount of aerated oil drawn into the engine via the PCV system, instead collecting it neatly and safely until you find the time to drain and recycle it.

Based around a beautifully milled and polished alloy tank which incorporates a sight glass to check the level of the oil inside, this catch tank will make a fine addition to the engine bay of any fettled TT. It also comes with all parts required for installation, meaning you can be up and running within moments. 



4) 356mm Front Brake Kit With 6-Pot Calipers, Mk1 Skoda Octavia VRS (1U), Audi TT (8N), Audi S3 (8L), SEAT Leon Cupra (1M), Mk4 VW Golf GTI (1J)

Extracting huge power from VAG cars is one thing, making said car stop in as little time as possible? Well, that takes a little more effort! Forge Motorsport is well aware of the importance of a good, reliable brake system and has invested accordingly, hence why it can now offer this uprated front brake kit for the Seat Leon Cupra R (1M), a powerful car that's still used to great effect at track days and club motorsport events up and down the land. 

A complete offering consisting of 6-pot calipers and 356x32mm grooved and vented discs, the kit offers exceptional braking performance in all conditions, yet does so without committing one of the cardinal sins of aftermarket braking, being too heavy and therefore adding unsprung weight. The kit is supplied with everything needed to fit it to the car in question (including a set of EBC's highly regarded Yellow Stuff pads), yet will require wheels of at least 18in in diameter. Those running wheels of 17in or smaller should instead look to our 330mm kit. 



5) High Velocity Induction System, Mk4 VW Golf GTI (1J)

Helping your engine breathe that bit better can lead to impressive gains in performance, especially if the kit in question boats a suitably sophisticated design, even better if combined with a free-flowing exhaust system. This KONA high velocity system is just the ticket, and it's one of the few induction kits available that's been proven to offer real word gains in performance, both in terms of bhp and torque. It's innovative design features a low resistance cone filter, plus carbon fibre and silicone components, the upshot being a setup that's able to achieve maximum flow rates and a high density intake charge, plus a superb induction roar! 



6) Baffled Sump, Mk1 Skoda Octavia VRS (1U), Audi TT (8N), Audi S3 (8L), SEAT Leon Cupra (1M), Mk4 VW Golf GTI (1J)

One of the big barriers standing between you and a massively powerful 20V engine (well, a reliable, long lasting one) is oil starvation, a fault that these motors are far from immune from, particularly if you plan on driving said car on track! Under extreme acceleration, braking or cornering, the oil can momentarily run away from the oil pump pickup under centrifugal force, causing a temporary starvation through the oil-ways, putting critical bearings and bores at risk of damage.

Forge Motorsport has developed a complete, fit and forget solution to this potentially ruinous problem though, a baffled alloy sump that can be fitted to all transversely mounted 1.8T engines. It's based around a brand new OE-spec sump pan and features carefully configured baffles and Viton oil control valves. These work together to ensure that oil lubricant can move around the engine unimpeded, all while retaining a minimum sump capacity at all times and in all driving conditions. The relatively soft Viton plates react far quicker than equivalent metal flaps - which are often used on lesser alternatives - and have been designed to withstand the rigors of the high temperatures of oil and its contaminants. Put simply, if you plan on driving your car in anger or on track (and can't quite stretch to a dry sump system), then investing in one of these makes a lot of sense. 





7) Six-Speed Adjustable Quick Shift Kit , All 1.8T With 02M Gearbox 

The six-speed 02M gearbox fitted to all manner of VAG products at the turn of the century was a fine unit overall, but it's hard to deny that it left a little to be desired in the 'throw' department, with a shift action that could best be described as 'sluggish.' Well over a decade of use, many thousands of miles, and lord-knows how many crunched gear changes later, and it shouldn't be too surprising if the 'box in your particular car is past its best.

Forge Motorsport's adjustable quick shift kit can make a huge difference to the manner in which your car changes gear, certainly to how the action of physically swapping cogs feels. Based around an infinitely adjustable pivot mechanism, the kit allows you to shorten the movement of your gear shift, meaning you can tailor the action to suit your preference and driving style. This wide range should allow for adjustment from stock to a 40% decrease in shifter throw, though it should be noted that it's essential to re-adjust the linkage cables post-fitment so as not to place associated components under undue stress. 


8) Front Mounted Intercooler Kit, Seat Leon Cupra (excl. Cupra R)

The Leon Cupra fulfilled much the same role for Seat as the Octavia VRS did for Skoda, it adjusted the public's perception as to what the Spanish car maker was about, and lent it some much needed performance credibility to boot. 

In common with all 1.8T-powered VAG cars, the Leon Cupra can be tweaked to make impressive power figures, though doing so in a reliable manner does require the inlet temperatures to be cooled in a manner the OE-fitted hardware is simply unable to achieve, hence why Forge offer so many FMIC kits for these models. The firm's Leon kit has been proven to dramatically reduce inlet temperatures without having a knock-on effect on boost pressure levels, while its design means it will slot right into place and won't involve extensive modification to the front of the car. 




9) 5 Piece Silicone Hose Kit, All 1.8T

While never likely to hold as much appeal as a massive turbo swap, a Blow Off Valve or an intercooler kit, uprated hoses are an important part of any tuned car's engine, certainly if you intend to run said car in something approaching a reliable fashion! The Forge Motorsport silicone hose kit is the result of an intensive, in house development process, and the upshot is one of the most complete offerings for the 1.8T 20V currently on sale. Key to the strength of the hoses included within the kit is their expansive inner liner of modified silicone, a material known as Flurosilicone and one now highly regarded within the tuning industry. It means that the kit it is suitable for use with either modern long-life coolants, Organic Acid Technology coolants (O.A.T.) or air containing oil mist, while also coming backed up by our market leading lifetime warranty. The best bit? You can pick the colour of your hoses, with either red, black or blue hues being available. 



10) Coil Pack Cover, All 1.8T Engines (Excl. TFSI)

It's often the little things that can make the biggest difference, and this certainly rings true when discussing how the 1.8T looks. For all its many, many plus-points, this isn't an engine that's likely to win any beauty contests in standard form, especially if yours has racked up a few thousand miles over the course of its life! 

Fortunately for 20V owners the length and breadth of the UK, Forge Motorsport is able to supply an impressively wide selection of alloy styling components, this coil pack cover being one of its best sellers. Forge is pretty handy when it comes to designing and developing alloy bits and pieces like this, so you can buy in confidence knowing that you'll be getting a well engineered part that functions as well as it looks. It's available with either a polished alloy or anodised black finish, and ships with all fixings and fasteners required to mount it securely. 





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