About Inconel

Inconel has been used in the automotive industry for years.  Since its original development by research teams at Wiggin Alloy’s (Hereford, England) it has been used for turbine impelas, exhaust valves, and manifolds. 

Similar to our own products it has be applied to designs that are fitted to vehicles that compete in formula one, nascar, high performance drag racing and even on military applications.

We decided to use Inconel for the piston in our external wastegate because it is well suited for extreme environments and can deal with high pressure and kinetic energy. Inconel can also retain its strength over a vast temperature range. If the piston were made from aluminium or steel, in these circumstances they would move and/or deform permanently as a result of thermally induces crystal vacancies.  The alloys that make Inconel are also oxidation and corrosion resistant materials.