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Forge Brunch Club 2017

Forge Brunch Club 2017

‘The third instalment of Forge Motorsport’s annual Brunch Club saw the show reach new heights, with a sensational collection of cars, brilliant weather and breakfasts’

It’s amazing what can be achieved over the course of a few short hours, particularly if the hours in question happen to contain a hearty (read bacon-based) breakfast, stunning summer weather and a jaw-dropping selection of cars of all shapes, sizes and eras. Just what had convinced the owners of so many cars to forgo their Saturday morning lie-ins for a jaunt of an industrial estate just outside Gloucester? The annual Forge Motorsport Brunch Club, that’s what!

Now in its third year and most definitely hitting its stride, the 2017 Brunch Club was once again marked out by the sheer variety of the cars in attendance, something which goes a long way towards showcasing the size and diversity of Forge Motorsport’s tuning range! By 9.30am the especially keen and highly caffeinated were pitching up outside Forge’s famous workshop, and within an hour almost every space on the sizeable industrial estate was filled by an interesting, Forge-tuned car of one kind or another. The scale of the event ensured that by 11am it wasn’t at all uncommon to see a hover craft-kitted S13 sharing tarmac with fag paper-low C-Classes, a Minilite-shod Mk2 Escort keeping a Subaru Legacy company, and much else besides.

Variety of cars aside, the 2017 Forge Brunch Club was marked by its supremely chilled out atmosphere. There’s no room (and certainly no tolerance for) the kind of showboating and one-upmanship that blights far too many British car shows nowadays, rather proving the high regard Pete, Zac and the rest of the Forge Motorsport crew are held in by the wider tuned car community in this country.

As for standout cars, well there were a huge number of choose from, so many in fact that we could (if we had the space) dedicate dozens of pages. Huxley Motorsport were out in force and well represented by Steve Putt’s amazing LS-swapped Mazda RX7, plus the firm’s infamous ‘coke bottle’ Celica drift car. Both of these are well known machines that have had pages of internet forums, magazine features and much else dedicated to them, yet they remain staggeringly impressive bits of kit and superb showcases for just what’s possible with a bit of thought, a lot of grit and a smattering of Forge hardware. It would be utterly wrong of us to put together a feature of this nature without at least acknowledging their significance within the UK’s car community.

It won’t be at all surprising to learn that retro metal was particularly well represented, with a smattering of beautifully presented VWs, JDM classics, stunning Porsches and the odd Mercedes, not to mention a healthy crop of ‘90s cars which, up until a few short years ago, would’ve been passed over by most and deemed ‘just another car.’ It’s heartening to see machines like BMW E36s and Subaru Legacies given the respect and appreciation they so clearly deserve.

Of course Forge has never been a company willing to rest on its laurels and to trade on past glories, meaning that there were a number of massively powerful, highly tuned, almost brand new cars in attendance. It’s further proof (if indeed it were needed) that the British car community has strength in depth, and that Forge continues to play a key role in this – and will do for many years to come!




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