BlogWe Now Sell Evans Coolants!

We Now Sell Evans Coolants!

We Now Sell Evans Coolants!

Forge Motorsport are pleased to announce that we are now a distributor for Evans Waterless Coolants!
We were so impressed with the claimed performance of this coolant, that when Evans said their coolants:

  • Eliminate Overheating
  • Reduce Pressure and Stress on the Engine and cooling system Components
  • Eliminate Corrosion and pump cavitation
  • Eliminate pre-ignition and detonation caused by overheating
  • Protect your engine down to minus 40 °F.

Forge really had to put it to the test. It lived up to all expectations and we thoroughly recommend the Evans Power Cool 180 for all tuned vehicles or those being driven beyond the manufacturers expectations.

For more information see please click here. 

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