BlogSpecial Offer on FMIPCV!

Special Offer on FMIPCV!

Special Offer on FMIPCV!

Historically, dump and recirculation valves rely on an internal spring in order to maintain a seal so that you have boost pressure when it is needed. If the spring is too weak, you lose power. Previously, when an engine was "chipped" or the boost pressure increased, the tuner would need to fit a stronger spring which would need to be carefully matched to the increased boost. For those running switchable software programs, there was no perfect solution.

Now, Forge are pleased to offer a fit and forget solution, the FMIPCV. No more changing springs,turning adjusters, or fine tuning, whilst still not knowing if you have done it correctly. This Forge Motorsport invention works straight out the box. It will work perfectly on a standard engine, a highly tuned engine, and anywhere in between, without the need to change anything! It does it all by itself, ensuring that you always get the maximum power and perfect drivability.

We can offer you the FMIPCV at just £42, instead of the normal selling price of £103.95. Simply select the 'add FMIPCV' option when purchasing any Forge valve, and save over 50%!

Forge Motorsport's Intake Pressure Compensation Valve (IPCV) – an idea so ingenious, that we have patented it!

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