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SEAT Leon Diesel

FMABHCMN - Replacement Alloy Intercooler couplers for 1.9 Diesel 130hp

A pair of  alloy male to male bayonet style  65mm couplers. One coupler has inline bayon...

£46.73 exc VAT   £56.08 inc VAT   
FMBK - Big Gear Knob

To impress your friends or for your own ultimate experience in pleasure, we can now offer ...

£55.07 exc VAT   £66.08 inc VAT   
FMDPFD - DPF replacement pipe for Golf Leon 2 Litre Diesel

This Stainless steel Exhaust section replaces the Diesel Particulate Filter on the VAG 2...

£369.00 exc VAT   £442.80 inc VAT   
FMEGRRPL - EGR Replacement Pipe

This pipe allows the removal of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve on the  1999-2005 VAG ...

£60.59 exc VAT   £72.71 inc VAT   
FMEGRRPS - EGR Valve Replacement Pipe for VAG 90-115HP Diesel

This pipe allows the removal of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve on the 1999-2005 VAG (...

£60.59 exc VAT   £72.71 inc VAT   
FMKC140TDI - Silicone Coolant Hoses for VW Golf Bora SEAT Leon 2 litre 140 PS Diesel

A set of 13 Silicone Coolant Hoses for VW Golf / Bora  or SEAT Leon 2 litre 140 PS Diesel....

£160.97 exc VAT   £193.16 inc VAT   
FMKC19TDI - Silicone Coolant Hoses for the VW Golf Bora SEAT Leon 1.9 150hp Diesel

A set of 10 Silicone Coolant Hoses for VW Golf / Bora or SEAT Leon 1.9 litre 150 PS Diesel...

£149.33 exc VAT   £179.20 inc VAT   
FMKT130PD - Boost Hose kit for VW Golf / SEAT Leon 1.9 130 Diesel

This Boost Hose replacement kit replaces the original turbo hose with a silicone replace...

£69.00 exc VAT   £82.80 inc VAT   
FMKTPD150 - Boost Hose Kit SEAT Leon PD150

A set of three silicone boost hoses complete with alloy couplers for the Vag 1.9 PD 150 di...

£131.20 exc VAT   £157.44 inc VAT   
fmktvw140 - Silicone Boost Hoses

A set of three Silicone Boost Hoses for the VAG 140 hp 2 litre Diesel as found in the VW M...

£131.20 exc VAT   £157.44 inc VAT   

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