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Audi S3 1.8T (8L chassis)

FM18TCBB - Cam and Block Breather Adaptors for VAG 1.8T engines

These adaptors are CNC machined from alloy billets and will eradicate the issues of the or...

£30.00 exc VAT   £36.00 inc VAT   
FM210CCH - Silicone Cam Cover Breather Hose

A silicone re-inforced cam cover breather hose for the 1.8T 210/225bhp engine. With the ...

£30.79 exc VAT   £36.95 inc VAT   
FM225AH - Ancillary Silicone Boost Hoses VAG 1.8T BAM APX 225hp engines

Replacement silicone hoses for the diverter valve to turbo boost pipe and the N75 hose.If ...

£28.82 exc VAT   £34.58 inc VAT   
FM225BHP - Alloy Boost Hard Pipe

This alloy non-resonated boost hard pipe replaces the turbo resonated turbo outlet pipe ...

£82.95 exc VAT   £99.54 inc VAT   
FM225CC - Silicone Carbon Canister Hose TT S3 Cupra R 225hp 1.8T

A set of 6 silicone hoses for the carbon canister on the Mk1 Audi TT 225 hp (8N) available...

£26.93 exc VAT   £32.32 inc VAT   
FM225CCH - Silicone Cam Cover Breather Hose

A silicone re-inforced cam cover breather hose for the 1.8T 225hp engine. With the origina...

£30.79 exc VAT   £36.94 inc VAT   
FM225CCHA - Silicone Cam Cover Breather Hose - 06A103221AA only

A silicone re-inforced cam cover breather hose for the 1.8T 225hp /210hp engine. With ...

£30.78 exc VAT   £36.94 inc VAT   
FM225IND - A Silicone Induction Hose for the VAG 210 / 225hp engines

After encountering the collapse of the OEM intake air hose on the Audi S3 (210 & 225) ...

£126.18 exc VAT   £151.41 inc VAT   
FM225N75 - Silicone N75 connection hose for VAG 1.8T 225bhp BAM APX engines

A replacement Silicone hose for VAG 225 engine. This hose connects to the N75 valve on the...

£15.65 exc VAT   £18.78 inc VAT   
FM225TBH - Turbo intake breather hose for VAG 225 210 engines

This breather hose is available in red, blue or black and is the perfect compliment to the...

£18.19 exc VAT   £21.82 inc VAT   

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