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Fuel Tanks

FMEVOFT - Alloy Competition Fuel Tank (Evo IV/V/VI)

Replacement Alloy Fuel Tank (Race Use Only) which keeps the spare wheel accessabl...

£659.85 exc VAT   £791.82 inc VAT   
FMFT076 - 1 Gallon Fuel Tank 200mm X 200mm X 120mm

£111.84 exc VAT   £134.20 inc VAT   
FMFT078 - 2 Gallon Fuel Tank 240mm X 200mm X 200mm

£125.07 exc VAT   £150.08 inc VAT   
FMFT079 - 3 Gallon Fuel Tank 340mm X 200mm X 200mm

£138.30 exc VAT   £165.95 inc VAT   
FMFT080 - 4 Gallon Fuel Tank 490mm X 150mm X 250mm

£198.65 exc VAT   £238.38 inc VAT   
FMFT081 - 5 Gallon Fuel Tank 130mm X 480mm X 360mm

£236.17 exc VAT   £283.40 inc VAT   
FMFT082 - 6 Gallon Fuel Tank 600mm X 150mm X 300mm

£236.17 exc VAT   £283.40 inc VAT   
FMFT083 - 8 Gallon Fuel Tank 480mm X 250mm X 300mm

£249.40 exc VAT   £299.28 inc VAT   

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